Commercial and Municipal Turf

Commercial & Municipal Turf

Beautify your commercial landscape with synthetic lawn turf. No mowing, no watering, no harmful chemicals. Just a perfect-looking lawn year-round.

Office Buildings

Office Buildings & Median Strips

Can be custom designed to fit unusual landscapes. Environmentally friendly; no more herbicides or pesticides. The grass looks green and healthy year-round, even in drought conditions. Save time, money, and back-breaking work by installing low-maintenance Pro Design turf. Drastically reduces maintenance costs. Reduces or eliminates needed irrigation. Long-lasting investment with an estimated life-span of 15 years. Synthetic Thiolon fibers are UV-treated and will stand up to intense sunlight.

Retirement Homes

Retirement Homes

Our carefree turf has multiple landscaping uses at retirement homes. It can be used for recreational activities such as bocce courts or putting greens, as well as for beautiful maintenance friendly lawn areas. It is handicap accessible: wheelchairs roll easily across the turf, and canes or walkers do not sink into unseen holes. It can also be used in conjunction with natural landscape features such as flower beds, shrubbery, and trees.

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